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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Surah Baqarah Verses 206-212

And when it is said to him, "Fear Allāh," pride in the sin takes hold of him. Sufficient for him is Hellfire, and how wretched is the resting place.

And of the people is he who sells himself, seeking means to the approval of Allāh. AndAllāh is kind to [His] servants.

O you who have believed, enter into Islām completely [and perfectly] and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.

But if you deviate after clear proofs have come to you, then know that Allāh is Exalted in Might and Wise.

Do they await but that Allāh should come to them in covers of clouds and the angels [as well] and the matter is [then] decided? And toAllāh [all] matters are returned.

Ask the Children of Israel how many a sign of evidence We have given them. And whoever exchanges the favor of Allāh [for disbelief] after it has come to him – then indeed, Allāh is severe in penalty.

Beautified for those who disbelieve is the life of this world, and they ridicule those who believe. But those who fear Allāh are above them on the Day of Resurrection. And Allāhgives provision to whom He wills without account.

Since I have started to learn the Quran, I have witnessed so many incidents that happen in our daily lives all around the world and within ourselves. Subhanallah Allah is aware of everything and that is why there is an ayah for every situation. Like the ayahs we learned yesterday verses 206-212 in surah Baqarah. People are so self-centered and really only care for their own benefits therefore they will go to any extends whether it is harmful to anyone or hurtful, they don’t care. In verse 208 Allah tells us to enter Islam completely but unfortunately many Muslims choose and pick whatever suits them and is easy for them. They don't think about their akhirah and that they themselves will benefit from it. Remember when Allah says that no one will suffice for each other on the day of judgement and no compensation will be accepted. (Baqarah: 123) May Allah give us tawfeeq to fulfill all the commands of Allah and save us from following the footsteps of shaitan. Ameen

Zainab Akbari

Online Student
Taleem Al Quran 2010



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