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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Reflections from November 17th, 2006

O ye who believe! Why say ye that which ye do not? (2) Grievously odious is it in the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do not. (3) As-Saff 2-3

Words and Actions

This ayah greatly reflects our lives, we talk a lot about doing good deeds but our Amal does not seem to change and then we try to motivate others towards good. The question that we should ask ourselves is that why aren't people motivated towards following the right path, why aren't they motivated towards doing good deeds when we advise them? It is because we don't implement those things in our lives that is why our words/advises don't affect them...there's a famous saying that "Our actions speak louder than words". I believe that besides lecturing people or advising them, if we follow each and every command of Allah that would be enough to motivate people. This could also be seen when we make promises and then we either forget them or ignore them casually. The quote above fits well with the lives of the Sahabas they were the one's whose actions spoke louder than words, before advising any one else they used to implement it in their own lives; they were the ones who were honest to themselves and with others and kept their promises. May Allah (s.w.t.) grant us the opportunity to perform good deeds, deeds that are liked by Allah and follow the straight path. Ameen
-Sarah Imitiaz, Mississauga

Do I do what I advise others to do?
Do I fulfill my promises?
Do I make my good deeds invaluable in the sight of Allah (s.w.t.) by exaggerating in self-praises? I don’t have to lie to myself.So I can ask myself--and no one can know except Allah (s.w.t.)
- Anonymous

- Ayesha Asad, Etobicoke

To make a good row...
This lesson got me thinking: in order to have a solid and straight row, everyone must make it there own responsibility. Sometimes, everyone needs to squeeze a bit, but sometimes only one person realizes it and so takes on all the compromises. In both cases, if we keep "the line's" best interests at heart, we can make it work. How Exalted is Allah, who teaches us so beautifully how to work together for His deen.
- Rushda Haq, Mississauga

Beneficial Trade
In Surah As-Saff ayah 10, Allah (SWT) asks us "O, believers! Should I tell you of a bargain/trade that will save you from a painful punishment?" I think it is amazing how Allah (SWT) asks us in our ‘own language’. When we hear the words bargain, or profit our ears open up! Allah (SWT) created us, and knows us best. He (SWT) is reminding us about the trade that will be of real, everlasting benefit. We are being asked to sacrifice; to use our wealth, skills and energies, as we do when we begin any profitable business. He is offering us a 'great deal' before we get caught up in profiting only in this life. To save ourselves from painful punishment we must take up this 'business offer' before it expires!
- Ayesha Baig, California