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Monday, July 21, 2008

Indeed we belong to Allāh, and indeed to Him we will return


Assalaamu Alaykum,

"She had a special love for Salah; whenever she heard that a person had died in a state of performing Sajdah or in a Masjid, she would pray that she too would pass away in such a state."
Nasreen's Family friend

The day started as a normal day for Nasreen, mother of Nabila Naz, Taleem al Qur'an 2005 student. After praying Fajr herself and waking everyone in the house to pray, she rested for some time to be energized for class. Nasreen and Nabila both came from New Jersey a week ago just to visit the Al Huda Institute, it was the love for Qur'an that brought them here.

When she arrived at the institute yesterday, as part of her daily routine, Nasreen had her breakfast in the cafeteria, not knowing that this would be her last meal. She attended the al Asma al Husna class, studying and memorizing the Names of Allah, not knowing that this would be her last class. After the class finished, she went to the masjid adjacent to the institute to pray her nafl Salah. She then spoke to her daughter, Nabila, for some time. At around 1:00pm, Nasreen was asked to have lunch, she responded by saying that she was going to go to Tafsir class, therefore would eat later on. In the mean time, a sister asked someone to write something on the white board in the cafeteria. Nasreen saw the opportunity to do good and stepped forward in offering her services and said that she would write it. And so she did, not knowing that this would be the last time she wrote.

The Masjid was where her heart belonged, Nasreen left the cafeteria and decided to pray nafl Salah before she went to class. As she entered the Masjid, she helped a sister clean the area by removing little things out of the way, not knowing that this would be her last act of kindness. She then made her way to the usual corner where she always used to pray, not knowing that this would be her last salah. It was only moments later that her soul had departed... her last deed Salah... in the Masjid.

Nasreen was here for only a week, yet she had acquainted herself with almost everyone. Her kind and gentle personality touched all those around her. Her love for Allah, her love for Salah, her love for the Qur'an, her desire to spread the Deen made her who she was - a person who had spread goodness where ever she went.

I pray to Allah that He forgives and has mercy upon the deceased and gives patience to all her loved ones. And may Allah make the journey of this life easy for us and enable us to do the work of the Deen in the best manner.

O Allah forgive her and have mercy upon her, grant her wellbeing and pardon her and receive her honorably. Expand her place of entry and bathe her with water, snow and ice and cleanse her of sin like you cleanse a white garment from dirt. Exchange her worldly home for a better home and her family for a better family and her spouse for a better spouse. Admit her into Paradise and protect her from the punishment of the grave and the torment of the Fire.