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Monday, December 25, 2006

Reflections of November 7, 2006
Surah Al-Waqiah

Why is it not then that when it (soul) comes up to the throat, (83) And you at that time look on—(84) And We are nearer to it than you, but you do not see (85) [Al-Waqi’ah: 83-85]

Student Reflections
One of my biggest fears was to be alone, all alone. But these ayahs really made me ponder over the fact that when we leave this world we will be alone, we will face our Lord individually, and we will not have anyone who will be willing to hold us or comfort us. When death will approach us, we might have people around us, but they won’t be able to do anything for us. Imagine... meeting someone you have never seen before and on top of that... you don’t know how he will treat you... it’s one of the most scariest situations and a new place, a new environment, a new house... and there is NO TURNING BACK... may Allah protect us and make us die as true Muslims. Ameen
- Saba Paracha

Today’s ayahs of Surah Al-Waqi’ah were a reminder that we are so helpless and weak as compared to our Creator, Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala. We will not be able to help ourselves when our time to go from this world comes as well as in the hereafter. The lesson that I learned is that this is the time to do good and prepare for the Akhira, so that our good deeds come in handy when we need them most. They are what will save us from the torment of Jahannam and they are also Insha'Allah what will make us worthy of all the nai'mas that will be bestowed upon As-Saabiqoon. If we always aim for the highest level, even if we do make any small mistakes unknowingly, then at least we will be amongst the Ashaab-ul-Yameen, Insha’Allah. Wishing for something good does not help unless we make an utmost effort to achieve it… we must struggle in order to be successful in the Akhira. Jannah is for those who really work hard for it – who strive in the way of Allah in order to earn His pleasure and reward. I pray that we put into practice whatever we are learning from the Quraan, as that is what Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala expects from us. If we do not, we will be on our own on the day when no relative or friend will come to our aid and save us from the scorching wind, boiling water, thick black smoke or the blazing fire.
- Maryam Hameed (Ottawa)

In surah Al-Waqi’ah Allah has pointed out to us the occurring of the Day of Judgment. He lets us know that on the Day of Judgment everyone shall be divided into three kinds of groups. 1. Companions of the right 2. Companions of the left 3. Those who are precedingNow, it is our choice to chose one of these selections and base our actions on it throughout our lives. We all know which one we would like to strive for because we have learned the outcomes of each one of them. To me it seemed like that the best outcome was for the ones preceding, which made me want to get up and make some moves. InshaAllah.
- Faiza Bano (Texas)

Is it such a Message that ye would hold in light esteem? [Al-Waqi’ah: 81]
When two parties compromise, things turn out to be much better!
From the word 'mudhinoon' in verse 81, the importance of compromise was illustrated before us. When two or more groups have a decision to make, the best decision is always made when all parties compromise to a final decision. One party can never be the takers, rather situations are better handled when one gives and takes...through compromise.
Many episodes occur in our lives where decisions aren’t made according to what we want; rather they are made in the favor of others. But we never come to realize that if we take some and lose some, that perhaps at the end of the day both parties can go home happy! Unfortunately, we tend to see many relations on the verge of a collapse due to the lack of compromise,.
May Allah (s.w.t) forgive all of us if we have upset anyone in any case; and may He guide us on to the straight path. Ameen.
- Fatima Malik (Mississauga)

How many times did I ever stop to think is this action of mine causing someone else harm? How many times did I make dua for some one else besides ME and MY family and My friends?
The mutrafieen mentioned in the Quran, who are they where did they go wrong?
Wasn’t it their selfishness that took them to denying the Prophets, the word of Allah and Allah’s promise? Isn’t it their selfishness that is taking them to the hell fire? They didn’t care about none but themselves that they are well off, they are getting everything they want, and their wishes are fulfilled.
Tell me then why don’t we learn? Why do we live for ourselves and ourselves alone? That’s not how the Sabiqoons be. A sabiqoon is the one who does things and does them quietly making sure no one is harmed by his action. He’s afraid of Allah’s wrath on him. He runs to do good but doesn’t leave anyone behind. He realizes that everything lies with Allah. All end is with Him, he will stand in front of Allah, all will end. He’s hopeful of His mercy at the same time afraid of His punishment.
Sometimes I wonder… what world do we live in? Did we make up our own imaginary world? How does our mind work, do we expect things to come to us just by sitting around? All we care about is that we are saved from the Hell fire and that’s it. We’re not even sincere about our families.
- Sada Mohsin, New York

Hell - unimaginable pain and distress
Al-Waqi'ah: 41-56
Yesterday the first half of Surah Waqi'ah was such a beautiful, out of the world experience... but the 2nd part is also a reality, a bitter reality which forces us to keep a regular 'Self Check'.
We have heard many people say- It's no big deal… Its ok we will find a way out sometime/somehow… we are better than many others at least... etc
What is more surprising is that, these are our own people who actually believe in the 'DAY' but take it lightly... what is the problem with such people?! They act SO insane! In this world we are extremely careful about ourselves, we do not welcome any problems deliberately even for a short time... Be it physical, mental, regarding our house, food, status, fame, etc. Then what makes us so careless about none other than OUR OWN SELVES...
Nothing is worth a second thought when one imagines a dwelling in hell wherein every moment will seem endless. We have no time so every moment of our lives should be our Best effort for Jannah.

- Salma Ghansar (Mississauga)

Fear the fire...and The One Who created it
"And have you seen the fire that you ignite? Is it you who produced its tree, or are We the producer? We have made it a reminder* and provision** for the travelers, So exalt the name of your Lord, the Most Great." [Al-Waqi'ah: 71-74]
* Of the great fire of Hell
** In the form of flints or other means by which to ignite fire. Travelers are mentioned because of the special convenience to them although it is a provision for all people in general.
(I used the Saheeh International translation and therefore included their footnotes as well.)
These ayahs made me reflect on fire. We benefit from it everyday, but are we grateful for it? Do we learn a lesson from it? I remember I was baking and I burnt my hand despite the fact that I was wearing an oven mitt at the time. A home remedy for burns is to apply raw potato, particularity its water, to cool and heal a burn. It took what felt like so very, very long for my skin to cool. And I couldn't believe it, the incredible pain, and yet I had been wearing an oven mitt. Alhamdullilah, I was soon relieved and was fortunate to not even have a blister. But what about the fire of Hell, in which people will be fully immersed, with no barrier, no respite, and no relief. Even when the skin re-grows, it will only be to be burned anew. If we really reflected on it, and believed it to be real, as real as when we burn ourselves in real life, we would fear the fire and the One Who created it. May Allah (SWT) save us form the fire, Ameen.
- Rushda Haq (Mississauga)

Al-Waqi'ah: 41-59
What really struck me in class today, was the words that Allah (SWT) uses for Ashabul-Mash'ama, the companions of the left, or of the Hell Fire. After describing the scorching winds, boiling water, shade of pitch-black smoke, terrible food and drink, Allah (SWT) says "That is their hospitality on the Day of Recompense" (Al-Waqi'ah 56). The word hospitality is very striking. In Verse 45 (Al-Waqi'ah) Allah mentions "Indeed they were, before that, indulging in ease and luxury". In a way, it is like they accommodated themselves in this temporary life with ease and comfort, persisting on their sins, heedless of the Hereafter, heedless of their result. They then will get a different "accommodation/hospitality" on the Day of Recompense.
When you read the description of Hell in the Quraan it makes you shudder. The pain and torture is unbearable! Still, we pass these verses and go back to our daily routine. Back to ease and comfort. What we do not realize is that; the striving that we do to please Allah in this life (and Allah's Mercy) is what will save us from these terrible results. May Allah (SWT) guide us, and give us the ability to believe in the Hereafter with TRUE CONVICTION. Ameen.
- Ayesha Baig (California)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Reflections of November 6, 2006: Surah Al-Waqiah
(10)وَالسَّابِقُونَ السَّابِقُونَ(11) أُوْلَئِكَ الْمُقَرَّبُونَ(12) فِي جَنَّاتِ النَّعِيمِ
And those foremost (in Islamic Faith of Monotheism and in performing righteous deeds) in the life of this world on the very first call for to embrace Islam, will be foremost (in Paradise). These will be those nearest to Allah. In the Gardens of delight (Paradise). Surah Waqiah: 10-12

Student's Reflections:

The Map to Jannah
To those who wish to be among sabiqoon-al-awwaloon, and wish to be where they reside, need to know the map to Jannah.

It’s hard for a bird to fly through the air with water on its wings.
What about us flying to Jannah, when it’s the whole world that we cling?
We have the map to Paradise, yet behind our backs it gets hurled.
The path to Jannah gets abandoned out of love for this world.
Left and right Muslims are selling their faith for temporary pleasures,
Because many have lost sight of the Jannah and its everlasting treasures.
There's only one path to Paradise, and following vain desires is not the way.
Its time to turn back to Allah's map, there's more to this life than just play.
It’s a blessing to be a Muslim; considering how many others are lost.
Yet the title of a Muslim is nothing if our submission we have tossed.
This life is so short; come on listen up, this aint some sort of joke.
If we don't get our acts together, in the next life we may go up in smoke.
Lets turn back to Allah, come on, lets not waste another day.
Let’s get back on track. Oh Allah, from the true path, don't let us sway!
Let’s seek our help from Allah; we got to follow Him as much as we can.
If you’re not using the map to Jannah; where are you going, what's your plan?
This life is so short, lets wake up and see where we’re heading.
We have the map to Paradise, so on it lets get up and start treading.
The web of a spider is weak, yet it overpowers the fly.
This dunya is worthless, so don't let its web catch your eye!
-Farah Baig, Atlanta

The Inevitable
The Day of Judgment isn't that far away... have I prepared myself for it? No.
We prepare ourselves for everything that goes on in our lives, especially the big milestones; birthdays, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries. Today was a reminder for myself that I should prepare myself for the Day of Qiyamah as I would for anything else, if not even better.
- Fatima Malik, Mississauga

As-Sabiqoon and Ashaab ul yameen

One of the blessings which the sabiqoon shall be provided is that they will not hear any vain talk or sinful words. There was a sigh of relief upon hearing this. I felt so easy, comfortable, and peaceful as this ayah was read. An atmosphere of use less talk compared to one where there is salaam; peaceful talk is definitely the most beautiful reward one could get.
The ashab ul yameen -- their place of stay with lots of trees, abundant fruit, extended shades, flowing rivers gives a view making one feel fresh and full of life. Although no one can actually visualize what Allah s.w.t has prepared for the believers, still the description that the Quran gives us is beautiful.
- Ayesha Asad, Etobicoke

And those Foremost (in Faith) will be Foremost (in the Hereafter). AlWaqi’ah: 10
I understand that it is not even easy for us to hasten in good deeds but here Allah talks about those who are hastier than the hastiest. This can only happen when we understand that opportunity only knocks once and so does a deed, it comes to us...if we grab it...its ours but if we don’t someone else will do it. To be AsSaabiqoona ssaabiqoon one has to completely and totally submit to Allah’s will, His Raza and just be His solely. It feels like this ayah describes a race where everyone wants to come first, but usually and mostly there are only 3 positions: first, second, and third. May Allah give us the Taufeeq to recognize good deeds and grab them immediately, and may we all be of the Saabiqoon. Ameen
- Saba Paracha

Mixed Feelings
Today's lesson left me with very mixed feelings. One of those feelings was regret. I think I have missed a lot of chances to do good in my life. Another was anger with myself and frustration to the point of tears. Sometimes even now I am faced with opportunities but I either don't value them enough at the time, or am tired, or feel they are too hard, etc. But strangely, one of those feelings was hope. Even though there will be few from later generations who make it to this prestigious group of as-sabiqoon THERE WILL BE SOME. There is hope. I pray that Allah SWT makes me, all those I love, and all those who desire it, whether they do so secretly or openly, part of this group. Ameen
- Rushda Haq, Mississauga

Who you are in this world is who you are in the next
- Nabila Naz, New Jersey

Beautiful winter

Al-Waqi’ah: 14-34
I prefer the cold climate to summer/heat… Jannah sounds so perfect.Whenever we hear the description of Jannah, it describes- the Shades, rivers flowing, water gushing forth from springs, cool delicious drinks, comfortable silk couches, etc. this gives me a chilled breeze feeling and I can imagine a cold place... but of course this is just my small imagination which can't feel the true Jannah... it can definitely not be a place which discomforts people, Allah knows our needs and He has prepared it in the Best manner.. InshaAllah, I hope we all are a part of that Perfect beautiful Atmosphere.
- Salma Ghansa, Mississauga

Verse 10

Surah Al-Waqi’ah mentions the three kinds of people there will be on the Day of Judgment:
1) Ashaabul-Maymanna the Companions of the Right
2) Ashaabul-Mash’ama the Companions of the Left
3) As-Sabiqoonas-Sabiqoon The Forerunners (in good deeds), the forerunners (in entering Paradise)
What is so special about the Sabiqoon? Why are they forerunners in entering Paradise? As we learned in class, the Sabiqoon are foremost in Iman, Ilm, Amal, and Taqwa. They accept the truth as soon as they are presented with it. When offered a chance to do good, they take it immediately. They are unlike most of us who see the truth, start doubting it, even if we accept it in our heart; we try to find excuses for not acting upon it. We think about it, look around to see what everyone else is doing, check too see how much worldly benefit we will get out of it. We wait for the 'ideal circumstances', 'right mood', or the 'right time'. This causes us to end up at the same place we began. The Sabiqoon on the other hand are racing ahead to do good. Why not strive to be one of them? Why not take our Deen with conviction and determination? Why not be forerunners in good deeds so that we can InshaAllah, be forerunners in entering Paradise?
- Ayesha Baig, California

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Surah AlQamar

Reflections of November 1st, 2006
The Past Nations
Today, Ustazah invited a physician to share her experience about her tour to disaster stricken areas of Pakistan. The description was terrible and frightening, but when she told us that these people were well off and also highly educated, it was shocking and surprising.
People say, ‘why did GOD do all this?’ Some just take it as a natural disaster. Some don’t care and go on with their busy lives. The obvious calamity is seen by the whole world. Aid is sent from all around, but still in many areas the human aid proves to be of no use. They were helpless.
Still we question, turn a blind eye or think of ourselves as if we are in authority.
In today’s surah, there were aayats on how nations were destroyed in different ways.

So We opened the gates of heaven with pouring rain and caused the earth to burst with gushing springs. [Al-Qamr: 11-12]

We let loose on them a furious wind, on the day of their bitter misfortune, which snatched them off like trunks of uprooted palm trees. [Al-Qamr: 19-20]

We let loose on them one mighty blast and they became like the trampled twigs used by a fence builder. [Al-Qamr: 31]

We let loose on them a stone - charged tornado---. [Al-Qamr: 34]

Do we realize Who the Being we question is? To Whose advices we don’t take heed. It’s Allah (s.w.t) who owns everything and can do anything. What we have to do is to submit to HIM. Be humble and not arrogant and turn to HIS advice: AL- QURAN.
- Ayesha Asad (Etobicoke)

I was feeling really down and depressed today while reading surah Al Qamr for two reasons:
1) I was sad to see another surah go by us which indicates that our time at Al-Huda is starting to tick
2) Reading through the end results of previous nations-which is a reminder for us
But, during the last five minutes of tafsir, I felt like I was uplifted to 'high spirits'. The feeling that came over me was extremely rejuvenating. I felt like there is indeed hope not just for myself but for each and every person in the world. The last two verses state, "Surely, the righteous will be in the midst of gardens and rivers. In a seat of honor near a Sovereign, Perfect in Ability."
Those two little verses hold such importance and great news that it just puts one to ease. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and whisper the word "righteous"...May Allah (s.w.t) give us all the taufeeq to be on the path of guidance, so that we can all meet at our final destination. Ameen
- Fatima Malik (Mississauga)

And We have indeed made the Qur'an easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition? [Al-Qamr: 17]

Then is there any that will receive admonition?
Allah made His book perfect. Perfect with no flaws and easy to understand. Allah made His book ready for us to read, ponder upon, and benefit from. Allah made His book for us, so that we go to it and receive admonition. Allah did so much for us, but how often do we bother to read the Quran? How often do we go to it when we need advice? How often do we take the Quran as a letter from our Creator? The Quran is a blessing, guidance, mercy upon mankind. Let’s grasp the Quran before it’s too late.
- Ayesha Ahmed (Texas)

In Surah Al-Qamr Allah (s.w.t) is mentioning those who rejected His miracles, in such a miraculous way! When you look at the Surah, every verse ends with the letter 'Ra'. Allah (s.w.t) relates all that He wants in a beautiful manner. When you listen to the recitation of this Surah, the lessons/warnings of the past are being conveyed in a wise and powerful way.
Allah (s.w.t) reminds us of those who denied His message and their end result. He then asks us over and over again “then is there any that will receive admonition?” This reminds me of when we tell our children stories of what happened to 'so and so' because of his behavior. We relate these stories because we love them dearly, and somehow want to convey to them that they should not make the same mistake. Allah (s.w.t)'s Mercy for us, is far beyond that. Are we willing to receive admonition?
We have been given so many examples from the past, proving that; following your desires, being lost in the benefits this world, or 'success' in this life only, is of no use in the Hereafter. After being warned many times, and knowing, the pit of Hell fire will be very full and compared to that, very few will enter Paradise; Why not then, should we 'raise our hand' and be one of those who will receive admonition?
- Ayesha Baig (California)

Beauty of this Surah
SubhanAllah! As we are heading towards the end of Quran, I can feel the beauty and the rhythm of the Surahs increase... I can relate something that we learned in Uloom-ul-Quran, chapter 'Quran is a miracle': The words used, the language, the rhythm, the repetitions are just mind blowing... Each surah is better than the previous, in its beauty and effects.
Other than the contents (which are always the best and most effective), I was admiring the format of the surah... how it is presented in such an effective manner.
Mainly the whole surah mentions one after the other, stories of previous nations in a few ayahs stating: their Prophet, their mistakes, how Allah punished them, then a warning and a reminder for us, and an inspiration to do good.
Again, the end of each narration has the same repeated ayahs so that we can absorb it well.
Each sentence ends with the same letter 'Raa' and thanks to the tajweed rules… the 'Raa' becomes SAAKIN always... I enjoyed the Qiraat more when I realized this.
Every nation which is punished and destroyed, can be visualized so well... and their end results are related to certain things, so that we can actually understand and feel their destruction (e.g. Al-Qamr: Ayah 31) and learn a lesson from it.
- Salma Ghansar (Mississauga)

"We have indeed made the Quran very easy to understand the admonition, so is there any who would take admonition?" (Surah Al-Qamr: 40)

Does your heart weep bloodied tears
Do the heaving sobs wrench through ironed sheets of arrogance
Does its desperate turmoil untangle your entwined soul
Do its widened eyes burn deep into seams of action

Or have you silenced its caged freedom,
strangled the screams for life,
and lost yourself to the numb searing pain
in waves of billowing black darkness

- Thanzila Naz (London)

Pyari Ustazah Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wabarakatuhu
As the Moon makes the Stars seem brighter, so does Surah Al Qamr make Surah An Najm more clear.
I felt Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala is talking directly to me, giving me example after example of the perished nations, and after each example, making sure that I understood it, leaving no room for any excuse. Can any of us deny that there is anything in the Quran beyond our understanding? Anything that we have been asked to do, as well as refrain from, not clear? No doubt, Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala has made it easy for us to understand the Quran, but are we the ones who will take heed, remember and avoid evil?
I thought if I die this very moment, what will save me from the punishment. My deeds, neatly and accurately are being added on to the list every moment. What good deeds do I have, to make me feel secure and safe from the disgrace, when everyone will be assembled for accountability. I thought that I have always tried to help others, and do whatever good I can for my Deen, but is it with Ikhlaas (sincerity) and without Riya (showoff)? Will I come forth from my grave with humbled eyes, hastening towards the place of reckoning. I wanted to cry but could not. When we were listening to the recitation of Ayah 47 and 48 “Verily the criminals are in error and will burn. That day they will be dragged on their faces into the fire”-- I quickly closed my Mushaf, and held it tight, as if by doing so, I can protect myself from all of that.
I sometimes wonder, how can we be so naïve about the Akhira. Why do we always think that we still have a lot of time? I also thought of the punishments the previous nations were given in this dunya. As you explained Ustazah, no one could hide from the violently cold wind—Sarsar, when it was sent to the people of Hud (A.S.) to punish them. “Plucking out men as if they were uprooted stems of date palms.” (Al Qamr: 29) If Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala decides to punish us, is there anyone to save us?
The sad, but true story is that we do shed a few tears, when we listen to Ayahs about resurrection and punishment. We even proclaim that we are scared, and temporarily make taubah too, but unfortunately all of this does not last very long. Our Nafs takes over, and our focus is on getting maximum wealth, fame, happiness and enjoyment in this dunya. “You laugh and you weep not. And turn away, singing (and rejoicing)”. (Surah An Najm: 60-61). It is never enough. The only time left for the Akhira is --- an occasional temporary reminder, and memorizing a few duas that are, our passport for entering Jannah and a savior from the Hell fire.
Ustazah, as you say “Jo kaam kernay kay hain” (The things that need to be done) we are not in the least concerned about those. After studying more than twenty six Juz of the Quran; do we need someone to remind us everyday about what to do, and what not to do? For our own benefit, starting from Surah Al Fatiha, let us write one thing a day, that Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala has commanded us to do, as well as one thing that he has commanded us to refrain from, and try to follow it in the best way we can, putting our utmost effort to do, exactly as commanded. InshaAllah we should keep adding on to the list, as Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala repeatedly reminds us, “And indeed, we have made Quran easy to understand and remember; so is there any that will remember”. (Al-Qamr: Ayah 40)
May Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala make us amongst the ones who receive this admonition. Ameen
Jazakillahu Khairan for helping me understand the Quran.
- Fakhri Hameed (Ottawa)