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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Reflections of December 07, 2006

"And recite the Quran with measured tone" [Al-Muzzammil: 4]

With dignity, placidity, poise, serenity, steadiness, thought, tranquility, clarity & beauty.

…With love.

- Aniqa Chohan (Australia)


Dear Ustazah Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatu

As you mentioned in class, some of us read Surah Al Muzzammil everyday as part of the so called Manzil, but are unaware of the beautiful message that Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala is conveying to the ones who read the Qur'an.
The message and command... ‘wake up in the middle of the night for prayer, and stand (to pray) all night, except a little, Half of it or less than that,’ and recite the Qur'an with ‘Tarteel,’ slowly, for that will help in understanding the Qur'an, and contemplating on whatever we read.
How many of us do either of these? InshaAllah we should try, while the Tajweed rules are still fresh in our minds after today's test. No doubt, Tahajjud time or the early morning time, is the best time for Ebadah, especially if someone wants to improve their reading as well as memorizing, no other time is better than this time.
A few years ago I started going to a Qur'an memorization class in my city. It was organized for sisters, and the class used to start at 5:30 in the morning. In the winter, which is more severe than the winter of Toronto, I and my daughter used to leave the house at 5 am. Our teacher Sr. Kulthoom, who is Sudanese and an excellent Tajweed teacher and Hafiza, used to be there, punctual as ever. We had a group of around seven sisters, some times a few more or less. Before Salah tul Fajr, we used to recite what we had memorized, to our teacher, and get the new lesson. After Salah tul Fajr we used to memorize the new lesson, and recited it to one another. Memorization is not easy to do on your own. Our teacher was very strict, and we could not proceed further even if we made a little mistake, and Alhamdulillah we realized that Qur'an is not an ordinary book, and we have to give it its right by reading it the way it is meant to be read. I plan to continue InshaAllah, and wanted to share this as we think that it is not possible to memorize after a certain age.
Wake up in the middle of the night to stand in front of our Creator, to develop a strong connection with Him, and Thanking and Praising Him for all the Naimas that He has given us... The best of them all--- the Qur'an and its understanding----So ‘stand (to pray) all night, except a little, Half of it or less than that,’ [Al-Muzzammil: 2-3], and ‘recite of it what is easy.’ [Al-Muzzammil: 20]
May Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala make us amongst the ones who depend on Him and turn to Him at all times, for Help and Guidance, especially at the time when He listens to our Duas - the time of Tahajjud, InshaAllah.

Jazakillahu Khairan
- Fakhri Hameed (Ottawa)


Today we learned the importance of the tahajjud prayers. In Surah Al-Muzzamil, Allah (s.w.t.) encourages us to stand up in prayers for a part of the night. The translation for Verses 6-8 are; "Surely the getting up at night for prayer is more effective for controlling the self and most suitable for understanding the word of Allah (the Quran) as well;[6] Because during the day you are hard pressed with worldly affairs.[7] Remember the name of your Rabb and devote yourself to Him with [complete] devotion. [8].
This is the best 'prescription' to reform ourselves and understand the Quran correctly. We need this connection with Allah (s.w.t.), this one to one time...devoting ourselves completely to our Rabb, away from all the noise and commotion of the 'busy' day. This is especially important for a da'ee (one who works to spread the Message of Allah) this is where they get their good understanding of the Quran and this is where they get their 'fuel' to keep going regardless of any hardships they encounter. I think it's amazing how we are learning this now, after we have Alhamdulillah reached the 29th juzz of the Quran. It's like Allah (s.w.t.) wants to prepare anyone who is willing to spread this message they have learned. To guide them as to where they should go, what they should do in case of any hardships along this path. It is up to us to practice what we have learned, to make that effort to sacrifice some sleep to worship Allah (even if it is just 2 rakka’). May Allah (s.w.t.) give us the strength to put into practice all of the beneficial things we learn. Ameen

- Ayesha Baig (California)


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